Founded in 1907, Yamaguchi Kyujo has been creating items at the center of Takaoka city, the production center of copperware craftsmen since 1609. History of Takaoka Copperware started when Lord Maeda first moved to Kanazawa city. At that time he brought 7 copperware craftsmen and they started living in the city.

Yamaguchi Kyujo has been working for dedicated Buddhist altarware and to develop it to daily use item. Our specialty of the small bell, named Kyujo Orin, is the sound effect. It has a“1/f fluctuation” and has a healing effect that makes people’s hearts calm and relaxed. It is now used as the departure sound at JR Takaoka Station, Shinkansen Shin-Takaoka Station, school chimes, as well as famous temples and more. We made this item wishing to enrich people’s daily life.

Kyujo Orin is certified as a Toyama Brand recommended by Toyama Prefecture.