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Brand : HMM

Origin : Taiwan

Comforting hand feel, launching your ideas with precision.

HMM Slide’s innovative magnetic sliding structure creates an intriguing feel of damping, and it is smooth, steady, and nice looking.

The subtle hand feel of the aluminum-alloy body makes writing more fluid, and triggers rich inspirations. HMM Slide’s unique magnetic structure allows it to be broken up into two, or reassembled back into one at all times, satisfying different needs. Whether it is writing, drawing, measuring, HMM Slide allows you to always complete the job swiftly and elegantly.

A group of design minded people that cares about how the subtleties connect objects with humans. The brand name, HMM, stands for Human – Mechanic – Method. Specialising in high quality and finely crafted coffee ware and office accessories, HMM breathes life into the design and interprets these artifacts in a heartfelt way.


Size:L140mm × W13mm × H12mm

Material: Aluminum

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Comforting hand feel, launching your ideas with precision.

The designers found inspiration in architecture and fused geometric lines into the writing tool, transforming traditional pen and cap into a kind of stationary with innovative structure.

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