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在鋪頭剛開時認識了同在第二街的藝術家鄰里 @pointsman_artspace 。團隊中的Gabi之前參與了國際雜誌FDzeeN 的創刊,探索食物設計和社區的關係。

相信大家都試過迷上「重口味」的零食,而Gabi就以食物中的化學元素為題,用colour palette 將其形象化。在她的延伸企劃中,就根據顏色設計了一系列替代的食譜,鼓勵大家在消費無益食物之前想一想,對自己的身體好一點。雜誌亦集合了世界各地創作者對於飲食文化、人與食物的關係和未來的對話和討論。

FDzeeN雜誌現於HINT. 寄賣,支持香港創作人!

FDzeeN 創刊號 終於登陸香港!
Issue 01: Democratizing food is finally landing in Hong Kong!

Food Design Nation於2021年初由印度建築師Jashan Sippy及西班牙設計師Nicole Vindel成立,集合世界各地有志於食的設計師和創作者,跨越各自創作範疇與文化障礙,共同探索社會與人與食物的關係和未來。

FDN成立一年間舉行了多場圓桌會議與虛擬晚宴(視乎時區)以集結各地對食物的行動與想像,並將討論中來自各食品產業的真知灼見至社區對話輯錄於FDzeeN創刊號。雜誌同時呼應聯合國2021年糧食系統峰會(United Nation Food Systems Summit)的第一條行動綱領 ── 我們如何確保所有人都能獲得安全而有營養的食品?

不同背景的食物設計師對如此問題的出發點也大有不同 ── 這正是Food Design Nation成立的目的和價值所在。FDzeeN創刊號收錄了倫敦哈克尼一個有關素食的社區實踐探討食物可及性;又以一組由自然手部動作為本的煮食工具探討舒適性。來自世界各地的盤中飧以不同方式滋養我們:傳授墨西哥的兒童發酵猶如魔法;巴西的油炸鷹嘴豆餅又如何將社區連結?我們重新構建框架,以創意看待食物可及性的各種相關議題。


What do we mean when we talk about food access? The first issue of FDzeeN has been guided, much like Food Design Nation as a whole, by its community. From documentation of events and virtual dinner parties to contributions submitted through an open call challenge, the opinions and ideas found in this magazine are collected from members across the globe. Each brings a unique perspective and lived experience to the question brought forth in this issue: How might we ensure access to safe & nutritious food for all?

The perspectives of our global citizens represented in this issue vary widely. This, of course, is both the purpose and value Food Design Nation proposes. We think of design as iterative, collaborative, shaped, and guided by ideas that both challenge and complement each other. We can learn more about access, and the solutions that may exist to enable it, as we compare and contrast points of view.

In this issue, we consider access through empowerment in Hackney, London as a community program that teaches vegan practices. We consider it through physical comfort with a set of tools designed for more natural hand motions. We’re called to ask how access to wonder, magic, and community can nourish us just as vitally as physical consumption, as in a serendipitous falafel adventure in Brazil or a collaborative effort to introduce fermentation to children in Mexico. We frame and reframe, looking at access through lenses of safety, logistics, nutrition, knowledge, and creativity.

This first issue represents the action and activity of Food Design Nation in its inaugural year, one of crisis, change, and community. You will find inside the magazine documentation of expert perspectives via panel talks, community dialogue through roundtable conversations, answers to our open call on access and democratization of food, and much more. These pieces give voice to our global community, and we hope their responses can guide and inspire further questioning, ideating, and collaboration.

As you read through the ideas brought forth in this magazine we invite you to consider: What does food access mean to you, and how might we together contribute to making it more possible?