Kutani ware

We started our brand in 1914 (Taisho 3). The Teramae family had been a merchant family in front of the Senkoji Temple in Yamashiro, Kaga City, since the Meiji era (1868-1912), producing and selling miso and soy sauce. Tamekichi I began painting and selling Kutani ware after receiving a supply of white cloth from his uncle Uyomon Kitade’s kiln (from which potters Tojiro Kitade and Fujio Kitade were born). Until 2019, (Heisei 31) Nobuya, the eldest son, assumes the position of Representative Director and the name of Teramae Eisyo

Kutani Bitoen is a manufacture and seller of Kutani ware. Their products are categorised as Eisei Modern, Old-Kutani replica, famous Rosanjin copy. Other than pottery, Kutani Bitoen

produces incense stand, painting supplies, flowerpots, kaleidoscopes etc and supplied to Kyukyodo, one of the leading companies based in Kyoto. Kutani Bitoen envisions to create hand paint high quality item with affordable price.

Hand-painted items are originally made by individual artists as art items. However, in our company, craftsman create item under the same name of “Eisei”. So craftsman can focus on production, then sales department take care of selling. While individual artists need to take care both creation and selling. 

We wish Hong Kong people will enjoy the genuine hand painted Kutani ware.